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Is it possible to have great energy and  be at peace? Most people today pump themselves with energy drinks and caffeine to boost energy. True energy that will sustain you and afford you the ability to be at peace and sleep well at night can't be found that way.  I love encouraging clients through removal of toxicity in all aspects of life.  Are you desiring to feel more radiant, empowered, rejuvenated and more sane?  I am here to encourage you to be whole, healthy and strong – Spirit, Soul and Body!  AT PEACE AND ENERGETIC – RADIANT INSIDE AND OUT!

 As a  Holistic practitioner, Certified Natural Health Professional and CERTIFIED IN.FORM Weight Management Coach, I'll teach you how to eat nutritious, and delicious whole foods and how to make the necessary lifestyle, behavior and attitude changes that will give you success...FOR LIFE!  Interested in spiritual encouragement as well? I have a BA in Biblical Counseling, but more importantly 30 years of experience  walking with and in Christ Jesus,. I love to bring a word of healing and encouragement to those in need.