A little more about My "Holistic" health journey - It began with a simple prayer I repeated for over 2 years:  "Lord, detox me spirit, soul (mind, will and emotions) and body!"  I truly wanted to be free of daily fatigue, aches and pains, but I also wanted to be free of stinking thinking.  Lastly, but most importantly, I wanted to freely worship my Lord and Creator, Jesus Christ, without oppression or passivity regarding my relationship with HIM.  My greatest healing has taken place as I've fed my WHOLE self with the Bread Of Life, Green Foods and Herbs, and Chose to put my mind ON positive things and tune out unnecessary negativity.  I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know how I can encourage YOU TODAY!




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Diane Malloy - CNHP - BA Biblical Counseling

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As she gained more energy and sanity she chose to share the benefits of her experience and education with others and founded New Breath of Life, Inc. in San Jose, CA  in 2007.  After 6 years she sold the storefront and now continues to consult and teach. She  does private ZYTO BALANCE assessments/consultations, Holistic Health Seminars and holds weekend ENCOUNTER WITH GOD retreats. Her passion is to encourage and motivate others to properly support their spirit, soul (mind/will/emotions) AND body so they can be what the Creator designed them to be... HEALTHY!

Interested in hearing more about how she  became more joyful and energetic than when younger? Contact  -  Diane@NewBreathofLife.com  or call 408-314-5477.


  • Health Retreats
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Diane Malloy is a Certified Natural Health Professional, Herbalist, Certified IN.FORM Weight Management Coach and has her BA in Biblical Counseling. She has spent the last 30+ years counseling individuals and groups toward greater health in spirit, soul (mind), and body. Having struggled for many years herself with very low energy and chronic sinus and intestinal challenges, Diane began a journey to healing through much prayer, natural foods, detoxification and herbal remedies. 

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