DID YOU KNOW DEHYDRATION CAN CONTRIBUTE TO BRAIN FOG? “But I drink lots of water all day long.” If you’re one who has said this with frustration because you still always feel dry, thirsty or like you have cobwebs in your brain, here are a few simple tips regarding drinking that water that may be a part of your solution. First, SLOW DOWN….

Water needs to be drunk slowly for the body to absorb it properly. Throughout the day, drink 4 – 6 oz at a time. Chugging large amounts of water, like those 16 oz water bottles, in one sitting will simply stress the kidneys. Your body can’t absorb that much water in one sitting. Space it out and continually sip throughout the day. Drinking your water at room temperature is also best as it aids digestion and help detoxification. 

Water makes up about 60 % of your bodyweight. That’s huge! You can only live a matter of a few days without water. Experts say that you should be drinking 50% of your weight in ounces. In other words, if you weigh 180 pounds then 90 ounces of water is required to maintain health. If you exercise vigorously or live in a very dry region you may require more, but I caution you not to exceed one gallon in a day without specific instruction from your health expert.

Start your day right with 4 – 6 oz of water first thing in the morning. I leave a small glass of water by my bedside so I can drink it in the AM. This begins the “Break” Fast and may help to get the digestive system going as well as cause the brain to be alert. Many reach for coffee first think in the morning when water is the best thing to promote brain function in the morning. (This should be followed up by protein, but that’s for another blog?.)

If you are not drinking enough water or are not drinking your water properly you may experience any of the following or more:

  • Brain Fog
  • Dry Skin
  • Fatigue and/or Headaches
  • Aching Muscles
  • Constipation

Drink pure water or herbal teas. Green tea is acceptable as it is alkalizing and does not dehydrate like coffee does. Don’t count coffee or soda as water. Coffee is dehydrating, and soda has no value and can only cause harm to your health in too many ways to note here. Keep the soda for removing stains in your toilet. YAY, YES, it does have a purpose! 

If you are not used to drinking much water, then you will need to start slowly and increase the amount of water daily by a few ounces at a time. Please note that an acidic body can not absorb the water so you will need to work on a diet that is alkalizing along with drinking adequate water. Stay tuned for more info on maintaining healthy weight and alkalizing for greater energy and nutrient absorption, or email me to set up a private consultation  – live or on zoom.

WATER you waiting for? Measure out your water now and set an alarm if you need to for a few days until you get used to drinking enough water daily. Start now to experience greater clarity of mind.

Spirit, body, soul – I’ll help you be whole!

Blessings for greater health – God’s way (weigh),

Diane Malloy,

Certified Natural Health Professional


(None of the above is intended to diagnose or treat your diseases, but simply to educate regarding natural ways to promote wellness. Please consult your medical provider for any medical concerns you may have.)

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