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Spirit, body and soul, we will help you be whole.

Health Consultations With ZYTO Balance:

This computerized scan may help Identify specific nutritional supplements and/or essential oils which may support your health goals. More than 190 biomarkers will be scanned, helping to identify YOUR body’s preferences. Along with the guidance of your Certified Natural Health Professional, Diane Malloy, you will be educated as to how to gain greater energy, sanity and sanctity.
Starts at $95


Look at basic Body Composition: Total Weight, Total Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass, Water, Muscle and Daily Calorie Intake (DCI)
along with your Metabolic Age.

Health Consultations Add-on for $25

Ionic Foot Detox Spa:

Negative Ions are a “positive” thing! We live in a toxic environment. Negative ions have been used in the treatment of seasonal winter depression. They neutralize free radicals and may boost immunity. Our bodies need support in detoxification of our liver, kidneys, lymph and more. Reducing inflammation in the body may help significantly in pain management and/or relief. Brain fog, digestive issues, fatigue, skin or immune system challenges are prevalent. The Negative Ions created during the Ionic Foot Detox Spa session may bring relief from some of the above toxic stresses and more. Call today to experience this relaxing yet invigorating Therapy.

Single Session Starts at $55

*Package pricing is available for purchase of multiple sessions.



Put behind you the deprivation mentality. You are embarking on an adventure to discover new ways to be WELL while you continue to enjoy delicious, nutritious foods. Call or send your message today to begin you journey toward greater health.

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