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Spirit, Body & Soul at Peace - Yet Full of Energy!

Is it possible to have great stamina and to be at peace without the use of harmful energy drinks or caffeine?


New Breath of Life

It is possible to have great energy and to be at peace. Many people pump themselves with energy drinks and caffeine daily, yet still run on empty continually. True energy that will sustain you and help you sleep peacefully at night can’t be found that way.  I’m here to help you activate and build your body nutritionally while gently cleansing from toxicity.  If you are ready to feel more radiant, empowered, rejuvenated and sane, I am ready to encourage you on your journey toward greater health – Spirit, Body and Soul! I would love to help you be WHOLE.

I, Diane Malloy, am a Holistic practitioner, Certified Natural Health Professional. I’ll teach you how to eat nutritious, and delicious whole foods and how to make the necessary lifestyle, behavior and attitude changes that will give you success…FOR LIFE! If you are interested in spiritual encouragement as well, I have a BA in Christian Counseling, but more importantly 34+ years of experience walking with and in Christ Jesus. Please look at for more information on how I may help you grow in your relationship with Ruach Elohim (Breath/Spirit of the Sovereign God).

New Breath of Life

Our Services

Health Consultations With ZYTO Balance:

This computerized scan may help Identify specific nutritional supplements and/or essential oils which may support your health goals. More than 190 biomarkers will be scanned, helping to identify YOUR body’s preferences. Along with the guidance of your Certified Natural Health Professional, Diane Malloy, you will be educated as to how to gain greater energy, sanity and sanctity.                                 
Starts at $95


Look at basic Body Composition: Total Weight, Total Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass, Water, Muscle and Daily Calorie Intake (DCI) along with your Metabolic Age.

Health Consultations Add-on for $25

Ionic Foot Detox Spa:

Negative Ions are a “positive” thing! We live in a toxic environment. Negative ions have been used in the treatment of seasonal winter depression. They neutralize free radicals and may boost immunity. Our bodies need support in detoxification of our liver, kidneys, lymph and more. Reducing inflammation in the body may help significantly in pain management and/or relief. Brain fog, digestive issues, fatigue, skin or immune system challenges are prevalent. The Negative Ions created during the Ionic Foot Detox Spa session may bring relief from some of the above toxic stresses and more.  Call today to experience this relaxing yet invigorating Therapy.   

Single Session Starts at $55

*Package pricing is available for purchase of multiple sessions.

About Us

Diane Malloy - CNHP - BA Christian Counseling

For many years I, myself, have struggled with very low energy and chronic sinus and intestinal challenges. I began a journey to healing through much prayer, natural foods, detoxification and herbal remedies. As I gained more energy and sanity, I chose to share the benefits of my experience and education with others and founded New Breath of Life, Inc. in San Jose, CA in 2007. After 6 years of working, successfully, with many wonderful clients, I sold the storefront and moved to Southern California. I continue to consult here. I do private ZYTO BALANCE assessments, offer Ionic Foot Detox Spas and love hosting Holistic Health Seminars. My passion is to encourage others to properly support their body naturally, so they can be what the Creator designed them to be… HEALTHY!

A little more about My “Holistic” health journey – It began with a simple prayer I repeated for over 2 years: “Lord, detox me spirit, body, and soul (mind, will and emotions)!” I truly wanted to be free of daily fatigue and pains, but I also wanted to be free of stinking thinking. Lastly, but most importantly, I wanted to freely worship my Lord and Creator, Jesus Christ, without oppression or passivity regarding my relationship with HIM. My greatest healing has taken place as I’ve fed my WHOLE self with the Bread Of Life, Green Foods and Herbs, and chose to put my mind on TRUTH and to tune out  negativity. I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know how I can encourage YOU TODAY!

Want to hear more about my testimony? Check out my friend Rhodie’s recent broadcast where, as her guest, I share my story:

Follow up to my initial testimony:


What Our Clients say About Us

Christine Lister LMFT, #50744

"Diane’s retreat provides a space to release the cares of this world and beckons you to soak in God’s presence. The weekend gave me a fresh perspective on the burdens I carried and allowed me to encounter a deeper sense God’s profound love. The food provided was nutritious and delightfully tasty. Diane’s holistic approach to body soul spirit wellness was inspiring and motivated me to invest in my overall health. I highly recommend this retreat to the weary soul or anyone who needs to step out of the frantic pace of life to find their center."

Rita Gorski

“What is there to say again and again - thank you! You were amazing in speech and lovely to watch. … I know the Lord did a mighty work. I could tell from a few of the women who came to say how much this seminar meant to them. I really appreciated what you shared in the closing- how we need to keep and protect what we gained. Not to neglect the word, etc. Thank you, again, and may you touch many more hearts in the future with freedom and liberty in the Lord. You were a wonderful representative of Jesus."


“Thank you 😊 for your wonderful facilitation and intense preparation to share Christ's covenant of love 💕 with us I look forward to participating in future encounters- as the Lotd will’s - His kingdom come ! Eternally grateful with Joy”

Shellise Berry

”I had been suffering from a chronic cough for over 31 years! By my second appointment Diane felt led to advise me to cut out Gluten and Dairy. In less than a month my cough was gone! I had previously seen every specialist you could think of and no one was able to help me. Thank you Diane for giving back my life! A life without chronic coughing. I can’t recommend her enough!”


“Taking the nutritional supplements recommended following a Zyto scan, gradually reduced my husband’s hypoactive delirium until he was back to his normal health and ability to think. We are so grateful.”

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    Put behind you the deprivation mentality. You are embarking on an adventure to discover new ways to be WELL while you continue to enjoy delicious, nutritious foods. Call or send your message today to begin you journey toward greater health.

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    I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know how I can encourage YOU TODAY!